︎Illustration + Graphic Design

They get to work. Small hands even smaller against too-big chalk. “You’ve drawn too many legs,” says the girl to the boy, “chickens only have two.” Her companion explains that they grow one every year, up to sixty or so he hears. “That’s silly,” the girl says, “chickens don’t live that long*.” The boy takes out a photograph and explains his hen hatched twenty-four years ago*. Perhaps they had given her a green-hued brew*, the girl thinks: the kind in the movies that make you grow. She briefly wonders if animals threw birthday parties* too. At dusk, the girl and the boy step back to admire their obstacle course—pastel chalk lines between her house and his. The boy asks if they had done enough for the night: for the moon* was going to bed soon. “Of course not, can't you see?* ” she says to him, “There is so much more to do*.”

Kim Nguyen is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Singapore.

Central to her practice is the convergence of space between fiction and reality. She is particularly interested in the use of narrative formats in examining identity and its position in social systems. She is also interested in the disquieting potential of spaces, particularly that of the space between here

                     ︎and here.


NTU School of Art, Design and Media
︎BFA (Hons) in Visual Communication, Highest Distinction, with a Minor in Philosophy


Nanyang Technological University
︎Dean’s List (2017, 2018)
︎President Research Scholar (2017)
︎Nanyang Scholarship (2016—2020)


︎Freelance Illustrator
Idea Ink Illustrations
︎Illustration Intern

When I Was Four
︎Illustration Intern

︎AIG Singapore
︎Asia-Europe Foundation
︎Certis CISCO
︎DBS Bank
︎Epigram Books
︎Jumpstart Magazine
︎National University of Singapore
︎Parkway Parade
︎The 1925 Brewing Co.
︎Westpac Bank
︎Xylem Singapore